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Assault and Abuse

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Victims of physical or psychological assault or abuse can suffer consequences that are highly damaging to functioning in life. Children, the elderly, and handicapped individuals are at the highest risk, most vulnerable, and can be easily manipulated. A common mistake many victims will make is hesitating to come forward and confess to being assaulted or abused out of fear that things will get worse.

Assault and Abuse
Common Factors in Abuse and Assault Cases:
  • Age of the victim;
  • Physical condition of the victim;
  • The time it takes for a victim to come forward;
  • Liability of the abuser.

The abusers or assaulter may also believe they are above the law and allowed to behave as they wish, at whatever cost, not concerned with the consequences of their actions. You must be aware of those who will try to smooth talk their ways out of things. They will try to convince you, the victim, that you were the one who did something wrong and “deserved” what you got as a result. 

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