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Assault and Abuse

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Assault and abuse cases are very difficult and troublesome to litigate in New York and many other places around the world. They likely involve physical violence or psychological harm done by someone with little or no remorse for the victim. As a result, those who suffer the consequences can be damaging and life altering. 

Common Victims of Assault and Abuse:
  • Physical assault and abuse;
  • Sexual assault and abuse;
  • Psychological or emotional abuse and manipulation;
  • Children, the elderly, and handicapped individuals;
  • Being taken advantage of or taken for granted;
Assault and Abuse

In cases that involve large corporations, big companies, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, they will try as hard as they can to avoid the negative publicity they will face.  For example, many times the allegations brought against them will be ” brushed under the rug” or even outright denied that they ever happened. In order to keep these lawsuits out of the public eye, a high percentage of these cases settle out of court before a trial is necessary with deep pockets and resources available to them.  No matter how much you think the odds could be stacked against you, it is still in your best interest to come forward than stay silent and never get the help that you need.

Remember, these allegations are usually very serious, and are not to be taken lightly.  As a victim, when you decide to come forward, make sure you have sufficient truthful evidence to support your case. The information should always be factual and documented somewhere so it cannot be twisted or perceived as a lie. 

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