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Chemicals and Toxic Substances

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Chemicals and toxic substances are a part of our daily lives.  Many products we buy and use in our homes, offices, cars, and even directly on our bodies can have dangerous contents that we need to be more aware of. Products we use on a daily basis, components we can’t be seen with our eyes can cause injuries and illnesses that take time to develop over many years and cause great harm or even death. 

Toxic Substances and Chemicals
Highly Controversial Toxic Substances:
  • Benzene; 
  • Cleaning solvents; 
  • Paint thinners; 
  • Building materials such as Chinese Drywall, asbestos, lead paint, PVC pipes, and more; 
  • Insecticides and weed killers (herbicides);
  • Pet products and toxic birdseed; 
  • Teflon; 
  • Phthalates (used in manufacting toys to cosmetics); 
  • Toxic airplane cabin air; 
  • Radiation; 
  • Oil spills; 
  • Creosote; 
  • Carbon monoxide; 
  • Gas leaks; 
  • Perchlorate; 
  • Tobacco smoke; 
  • Welding rod fumes; 
  • “Popcorn” lung (Diacetyl exposure); 
  • PCBs; 
  • Toxic landfills; and more.
The True Dangers:

Most of these toxins are unknown to consumers since they are only used as ingredients in common products and are not marketed on their own or under their chemical name. Thus, while major oil and chemical spills and nuclear power plant accidents grab the headlines, other far more dangerous toxic exposure situations continue to occur right under our noses.

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