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Workers' Compensation

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Workers in New York are often exposed to unsafe conditions and dangerous situations in order to earn a living. Due to these circumstances, serious injuries or death can occur on the job. Therefore, you may be entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits. The laws in New York are designed to protect you, regardless of who was at fault for your accident. You may experience long wait periods without getting paid, or even permanent displacement from the workplace after you’ve been hurt.

We know the system is not perfect, and we will try our best to move your case along as quickly as we can.

Workers' Compensation

Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries Include:

  • Falls from heights;
  • Trip, slip and fall accidents;
  • Machinery and equipment accidents;
  • Exposure to toxic substances;
    and dangerous chemicals;
  • Negligent employers and co-workers;
  • Traumatic brain injury;
  • Fractures and crushed bone;
  • Paralysis or death;
  • Neck injuries;
  • Back injuries;
  • Shoulder and arm injuries;
  • Leg and knee injuries;
  • Foot and ankle injuries;
  • Wrist, hand, and finger injuries;
  • Repetitive stress injuries;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Sprain and strain injuries.

Important Information From The Workers' Compensation Board:

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