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Wrong Death Accidents

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The death of a loved one is never any easy experience to go through. New York law recognizes the rights of the surviving family members or administrators of the estate to seek damages for a wrongful death claim. Since the potential claim in a wrongful death suit could have multiple claimants, the court will often divide the damages. It will do so according to the financial needs of each individual based on their level of dependency on the deceased person.

Wrongful Death Accidents
Common Wrongful Death Claims:
  • Medical and funeral expenses;
  • The deceased person’s expected future earnings;
  • The loss of benefits and medical coverage;
  • The loss of retirements, investments and savings that are not automatically transferred to an inheritor;
  • The value of services the deceased person would have provided pain and suffering;
  • The loss of nurturing and care that would have been provided.

Any case that would normally be a personal injury case is elevated to a wrongful death case in the event that the person dies as a result of their injuries. This could occur at the time of the accident, or at any point later on in that person’s life. In New York, you have two (2) years to file a wrongful death claim from the date of the person’s passing.

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