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Harassment and Discrimination

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In New York, employers are required to provide a safe work environment that is free of harassment, hostility or discrimination. It is not uncommon for employers and co-workers who are being accused of harassment and discrimination to try and attempt to distort the truth as to the facts of the case. When that happens, you need to know your rights and what constitutes as improper behavior.

Workers are protected against discrimination and retaliation by Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act, the New York State Human Rights Law, and the New York City Human Rights Law. These laws prohibit discrimination in employment on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and a number of other protected categories.

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Types of Harrassment and Discrimination:

  • Verbal abuse: such as insults, threats, or racial slurs;
  • Physical abuse, such as assault or battery;
  • Visual abuse, such as displaying offensive posters or photos;
  • Sexual harassment, sexual advances, sexually explicit jokes;
  • Excessive criticism;
  • Isolation or exclusion from projects;
  • Unfair policies and work practices;
  • Made to feel fear and anxiety;
  • Retaliation for complaining about harrassing behavior, and more.

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