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The New York State and federal wage and hour laws can be complex and tough to understand with the help of an attorney. Even if you are an undocumented immigrant or citizen, the same rules apply. Employees that perform work on public or government projects must be paid the current minimum wage set by the State of New York.

The current minimum wage set by New York as of January 1, 2024 is at $16.00 and 1.5 time their regular rate of pay for overtime (when working more than 40 hours per week. Different rates may apply depending upon your location. For a complete breakdown of New York’s minimum wage overview, visit the Department of Labor website here: DEPARTMENT OF LABOR: MINIMUM WAGE NEW YORK

Unfortunately, some employers try to find loopholes to avoid paying employees for overtime hours. They might also try to disregard the minimum wage laws, or not give employees all the pay they are entitled to.

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Who We Represent in Wage and Hour Law Cases:
  • Restaurant and hospitatlity workers;
  • Carwash employees;
  • Retail employees;
  • Misclassifed non-exempt workers;
  • Commissioned employees;
  • Construction workers;
  • Building superintendents;
  • Severance and contract negotiations;
  • paramedics, emergency medical technicians, ambulance personnel;
  • rescue workers;
  • hazardous materials workers and more.
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